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  • The new Witcher game won’t land soon, that’s for sure. Given The Witcher 3 landed in 2015, and Cyberpunk 2077 is coming in 2020, we may be waiting another five years before CD Projekt RED is ready to drop another open-world RPG. And in the meantime we’ll have The Witcher season 2, that animated Witcher movie, and the back catalogue of Witcher games and Witcher books to keep us busy. So, what would we want to see in a new The Witcher game, possibly ten years after its previous entry? Continued sa
    The Witcher 4: what we want to see in a new Witcher name

  • We’re seeing some fantastic prices on Nintendo Switch bundles, cheap games, and both official and third-party controllers right now. With Nintendo Switch deals evading us at every turn over the last few weeks, the latest sales are even more welcome. Games include Super Mario Party, Super Mario Maker 2, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, each with their own savings. View DealPowerA Red Mario Nintendo Switch case | $14.30 $9.99 at WalmartYou’re not saving much with this Nintendo Sw
    Nintendo Switch deals continue into the weekend with fantastic savings on bundles, controllers, and games

  • Rebellion(Image credit: Rebellion)Rebellion is one of many indie developers who attend E3 every year. The company has recently released Zombie Army 4: Dead War, but we were expecting to hear more about the likes of Sniper Elite VR during E3 2020. “As for Rebellion, there’s a sense of an opportunity to stretch ourselves a little in new directions! Here’s what Bandai Namco has said:”Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. was poised to have one of its most exciting displays of upcoming games at E3 2020. W
    'There's a sense of an opportunity': developers react to E3 2020's cancellation

  • Now, as was previously indicated, gamers in the US can avail themselves of the basic Shadow Boost tier for $11.99 monthly (on the annual plan – it’s $14.99 if you want a month-by-month subscription). For that outlay, you get a package designed for streaming games in Full HD resolution which offers a quad-core CPU, 12GB of RAM, and a GTX 1080 equivalent graphics card. That means you can install any game you wish, and unlike Nvidia’s service, the company doesn’t have to support specific titles. In
    GeForce what Now? Shadow game streaming gets much cheaper – and VR in the cloud is in the works too

  • Those missing the outside world will relish the timing of this week’s Epic Games Store giveaway, with the wonderfully rural A Short Hike being offered up absolutely free for the next week, along with two other top games. Grab it here this week, and check out the trailer below:Best PC games: the top titles for your gaming rigBest free PC games: play more for lessMore on the wayIf that’s all a bit twee, two other games are also being offered up for free, and are equally worth a look. Epic Games St
    Get three great games for free on Epic Games Store right now

  • About this episode – Episode 8 (of 10), ‘ Broken Pieces’- Written by Michael Chabon- Directed by Maja Vrvilo★★★★Spoilers follow. On Aia, a planet with eight suns, a group of hooded Zhat Vash – including Oh, Rizzo, and Ramdha – take part in a ritual. On the Borg Cube, Rizzo talks to a comatose Ramdha, who was apparently driven mad by the ritual. It’s also one that doesn’t give Picard much to do, focusing largely on Raffi, Rios, and his crew of holograms. • Picard and Rios briefly talk about a Fed
    Star Trek: Picard episode 8 recap: The truth behind the attack on Mars is revealed

  • Just two weeks after Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch Active 2 would get a new Golf-themed variant, it’s gone and done it again: meet the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Under Armour Edition, dedicated to running. Firstly, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Under Armour Edition can provide you running tips and feedback thanks to a built-in running coach, which is especially handy if you’ve also got Under Armour’s smart footwear for extra feedback. There are some design elements of this running sm
    Samsung announces new Galaxy Watch Active 2 model, the Under Armour Edition

  • If new rumors are to be believed, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti could launch by the end of 2020, and will be up to 40% faster than its predecessor, the RTX 2080 Ti. There’s speculation that an Ampere Titan card, which would be the best-of-the-best consumer graphics card, as Titan cards usually are, would use the full amount of CUDA cores, while an RTX 3080 Ti would use fewer. The leaker also suggests that the GA102 GPU will be up to 40% faster than the RTX 2080 Ti. Even if it goes for the lesse
    Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti could be 40% faster than RTX 2080 Ti and may launch this year

  • We may not know exactly what PS5 exclusives Sony has in the works but, according to PlayStation Worldwide Studios boss Hermen Hulst, the company will continue its focus on single-player games. In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Hulst was asked about the studio’s vision for the future going into the next-generation. So, for Sony to continue its focus on these types of games is welcome news. After all, we’ve seen the likes of Dreams release to critical acclaim on the platform – under the umbre
    PS5 will continue Sony's focus on 'narrative-driven, single-player' games

  • We know Rick and Morty season 4 will return in 2020 – but when those five episodes will air on Adult Swim in the US is still a total mystery. Check it out:Look at the mentions of any of these videos on the Rick and Morty Twitter feed, and they’re rife with fans wanting to know when the next five episodes are coming. Still, it does make you wonder how long it’ll take for the creators to make those 70 additional episodes ordered by Adult Swim back in 2018. There’s no modern adult animated show tha
    The long Rick and Morty season 4 troll continues

  • A 3D printer has been used to isolate stem cells from one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer, in a bid to develop a drug which can help in the fight against that particular cancer. The aforementioned triple negative breast cancer – which affects young women – is highly aggressive and even after treatment using chemotherapy or radiotherapy, tumor cells still remain in the body. Bio-indicatorsDr Teresa Puig, one of the researchers involved in the project, noted that with triple negative
    Here's how 3D printing could help fight this aggressive type of cancer

  • Your next iPhone may come with a new and improved Portrait mode as well as augmented reality features, thanks to a new piece of camera tech that Apple is rumored to be developing. Fast Company has received confirmation from a source close to the development of the iPhone 12 range that says at least one model will have a 3D depth camera on the rear. It’s thought this feature will be used primarily to make improvements to the Portrait mode, but it should also be useful for augmented reality (AR).
    New leaked iPhone 12 camera could bring big upgrades to portrait mode

  • Good news for any fans of The Witcher games, books, or recent The Witcher TV show on Netflix: there’s even more to come. CD Projekt RED has now revealed that a fourth The Witcher game is being developed, and will be the studio’s next project after the highly-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 RPG, which releases later this year. In an interview with EuroGamer’s Polish language site, CD Projekt president Adam Kiciński confirmed that another The Witcher game was already in the early development stages. Gi
    Don't fancy Cyberpunk 2077? There's a new Witcher game on the way for you

  • Smartphone manufacturers could be obligated to make their devices easy to repair or recycle if a planned EU law is implemented. There have been concerns that mobile phones and tablets are designed in such a way that makes them difficult to fix. EU right to repairThe EU’s so-called ‘right to repair’ legislation would require vendors to use easily repairable components in their devices. Similar EU rules govern certain product categories such as white goods. “We want to make sure that products plac
    The EU wants to make it easier to fix your phone

  • E3 2020, the gaming industry’s giant get together in LA, has been cancelled due to fears of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Increasingly, large gaming announcements are made independent of E3, with some companies choosing not to exhibit at the show entirely. “From a pure development point-of-view, an E3 demo tends to be a massive distraction,” designer Sam Bass, who’s worked on E3 demos for Star Wars: Force Commander, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, told Kotaku . The
    Why E3 2020 being cancelled may actually be good news for game developers

  • YouTube has introduced a new feature that makes it easier than ever to watch videos on repeat. YouTube already allowed you to loop videos, but the option was so well hidden that people often use third-party browser extensions and apps to achieve the same goal. Simply right-click the video, select ‘Loop’ and playback will restart from the beginning automatically as soon as it ends. If you’re using a mobile device, repeating YouTube videos isn’t so straightforward, but there are a few workarounds.
    New YouTube feature makes repeating videos a piece of cake

  • Apple will release MacBooks which are powered by its own custom-designed ARM processors and they might arrive before 2020 is out, according to a well-respected analyst. So we’ve no idea if he’s talking about the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or perhaps an entirely new model, with those existing flavors sticking with Intel chips. Kuo previously said that ARM-powered Macs wouldn’t debut until the first half of 2021, so he appears to have revised that timeframe slightly (again) with the possibility of
    New MacBooks that ditch Intel for Apple's own CPU could arrive late 2020

  • These handsets are the Redmi Note 9 Pro and Note 9 Pro Max, the first two handsets in Redmi’s Note 9 range (judging by the names, and precedent, there will be more). The Redmi Note 9 Pro and Note 9 Pro Max both have four rear cameras in total. While the Note 9 Pro has a 48MP snapper, the Note 9 Pro Max boasts a 64MP sensor. Speaking of price tags, these phones look set to be super affordable. We’ve asked Xiaomi if and when we can expect to see the Redmi Note 9 Pro devices outside India, and will
    Redmi Note 9 Pro Max is a new Xiaomi phone with 64MP camera and low price

  • New international guidelines say the frequencies used to power 5G services are safe, disputing claims by campaigners that next generation networks represent a threat to public health. The previous “conservative” guidelines had been devised in 1998 and the ICNIRP said they would still have been adequate for 5G. 5G frequencies”We know parts of the community are concerned about the safety of 5G and we hope the updated guidelines will help put people at ease,” said ICNIRP Chairman Dr Eric van Rongen
    5G 'is safe', new scientific guidelines say

  • Frozen 2 is coming to Disney Plus in the US on June 26, according to a new listing on the streaming service. On Disney Plus Australia, the listing page says Frozen 2 is coming on July 31. Since Disney Plus UK hasn’t launched yet, we’re unsure when the film will, ahem, show itself on the UK version of the service. Frozen 2 was released on digital home video on February 25 – so the waiting time for it to land on Disney Plus is almost exactly four months. That’s a long wait, but Disney Plus remains
    Here's when Frozen 2 is coming to Disney Plus

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